dyana · pregnancy

Looking beyond expectations

In the early stages of pregnancy, I more than often felt irritable. Well, blame it on the raging hormone, loss of appetite and coupled with nausea. There was a period that I was very upset with myself.

I do forget that being unhappy is solely my own choice. My expectations were unreasonably far fetched.

I realized there are things that do bring a smile to my face after all.

1) Faiz’s off-day
2) Change of bedspread
3) Hello-panda chocolate cookies
4) Colleague encouragement and surprises
5) Lying down and read
6) Feeling baby’s little kicks
7) Able to eat without throwing up later
8) Hot Tauhuey
9) My little brother calling and asking what am I doing
10) My mother’s call and advises

I guess these are what we call simple joy in life.


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