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Halfway mark

According to Baby Centre, our baby is now the size of a banana.

I can hardly believe that it has already reached its halfway mark. Amazing yet scary. Scary- cause my motherly instinct have yet to kick in.

My first trimester was not really smooth. Whatever food went in, came out. My sense of smell heightened by leaps and bounds and almost everything smelled offensive. There were some occurences of bleeding and cramps that forced me to take a week’s break. I was so uncomfortable that I slept on my stomach (yes, bad I know). I drank lots of tea and ate fast food. I skipped my supplements and medication cause I hated the taste. I wore jeans and got scolded by my mum and colleagues. I easily felt irritated and preferred to not talk.

It is getting better now. Although I did many things I am not supposed to, thank God baby is healthy. My blood results showed no deficiency and weight gain is on track. Still though, I have yet to consume any milk. The thought of it still makes me cringe. However, I am taking the Calcium supplement that was prescribed.

Every month, Faiz and I look forward to the gynae’s visit. It’s an amazing feeling to see a little life inside that’s dependant on me. Most of the time, the baby will wave back at us.

At this point in time, I could already feel the movement, light but persistent.

We have shortlisted a name, but until then, we shall call, “Little N”.


2 thoughts on “Halfway mark

  1. Halfway there! That’s huge! Soon your baby would be able to survive if it were born. The youngest babies have been born in their 22nd week 😉 And the movement! I absolutely love it! I’m in week 32 now and so extremely excited! All the best 🙂

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