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Motherhood expo

A huge thanks to my colleague for informing me about this Motherhood Expo event that was held over the weekend.

We headed down on Friday and oh boy, the crowd! There were so many exhibitors with beautiful and interesting items.

I have always been a fan of cloth diapers after their re-introduction. I even spoke to Faiz on the idea but I guess at the back of his mind, he thought of the traditional cloth diaper which you have to boil, fold into triangle and use a huge pin to secure. The initial startup cost to use cloth diaper was extremely high. So, the idea was rebutted.

There were quite a number of cloth diaper exhibitors, Bumwear, Moo Moo Kow and Charlie Banana. We spent hours at their booths, listening to their explanation and watching their demonstrations and were impressed by Bumwear and Charlie Banana. We decided to go ahead with Charlie Banana as the material is softer and less bulkier than Bumwear; and with the option of using reusable and disposable insert, does give Charlie Banana an advantage. The price was reasonable, almost 50% off the original price and calculating how much we will save in future, Faiz bought the idea and item too. 🙂

So little bub, you will be first in line to reduce the carbon footprint.

I was actually looking for Manduca carrier, but it was sold out (yes, sold out on Friday!), so the friendly sales girl, who served us Charlie Banana, introduced us to Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier , which they were having promotion too (another 50% savings again!). Faiz tried it on with a dummy baby which weighed approximately 6kg, and loved how comfortable it felt. It has an adjustable waist belt, so most of the weight will be transferred to the hips and will reduce strains on the back. I love that it is organic cotton too.

This is why I love expo exhibitions, you can never beat the prices. The savings that we have made, can well cover another purchase.

It sure did, and we signed up on Antenatal Classes with Thomson Medical ParentCraft.

We will take a break and let our bank accout recuperate before our next purchase again.


6 thoughts on “Motherhood expo

  1. Delighted to come across another cloth diapering mom-to-be ! We also spent a lot on cloth diapers at the expo !

    Just curious, why weren’t you impressed by Moo Moo Kow ? We were also left very unimpressed by them – opting for a big Bumwear package in the end. We had so many friends using Bumwear with their babies and loving it. I must check out Charlie Bananas soon if I have the time.

  2. Hi Maggie. The Moo Moo Kow sales personnels were not friendly when we asked questions. They just shoved the handout with the packages at me without explaining. Service aside, the outer diaper has velcro and the exposed velcro is kind of sharp if in contact with the baby’s skin. I love bumwear too, the fleece material is way softer than Moo Moo Kow.
    However, we decided on Charlie Banana as it gives us the option of using both reusable insert and disposable insert (great for travelling and if you do not want to carry soiled reusable insert). Also, Charlie Banana has a hidden adjustable strap at the diaper’s crease to adjust the size according to their tigh, so to prevent leakage.
    Any how, congratulation in converting to cloth diapers too! 🙂

  3. Good thing you didn’t get the MMK diapers – they leak and the velcro is not sticky after a while – I really regret buying from them.

    1. Thats sad to hear especially with the huge cost you have invested. How many months you have used before the velcro starts to wear off? Did you feedback to them?

  4. yup, i think if you are not satisfied with their service, do feedback to them. for me, I am very impressed with their services, they (Abby) personally called me after I send her an email for a few questions, she guided me along the way and make sure I understand and use it correctly. She is very patience and nice. I have been using the diaper for a year plus and everything still works well, Aplix is my favourite diapers actually. Moo Moo Kow is still my favourite diapers now, after trying out a few brands. So I always recommend it to friends around me.

  5. My first kid was on the traditional cloth napkins for a month, then he went on to disposables. With my second, I’m considering getting some cloth diapers but I’m still contemplating the cost as well as washing up and drying.

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