dyana · pregnancy

Kneading the ache away

I have been procrastinating to have a massage eversince I hit the 5 months mark, until last week, when the backache was unbearable. As I was over at my parent’s for that weekend, I told my mum to schedule one, that Saturday.

The masseuse is actually a family friend. She have been massaging my aunts and cousins who had given birth.

She commented that my muscles were very stiff (the last time I had a massage was 6 months ago!), The most unbearable part was when she massaged my arms and the right hip. Apparently, the little bub was stuck, at the right. This was the cause of my backache. Massage was almost 2 hours as she wanted to target all the knots and correct the little bub positioning.

After the massage, I felt lighter, backache somehow disappeared and the tummy suddenly looked bigger and no longer as sharp at the right. The little bub seemed to have a rolling good time inside after that. I could feel the movement, flutters and kicks all over now when previously, was more to the left and middle of the tummy.

Of course, I slept like a log that night.

I am no longer afraid that prenatal massage will cause harm to the baby. In fact, I realised that when the baby is uncomfortable, the mother will feel it too.

Without a doubt, she will be my masseuse for postnatal. My mother had done the booking weeks ago.


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