dyana · pregnancy

Heart feels the beat

I have been waking up frequently at night either due to full bladder or the weather (humid and uncomfortable). Usually, I tend not to use the air cooler when Faiz is working and relied on just fan but yesterday, I kept waking up perspiring. I blasted the air cooler and slept with my head directly facing the air output. It did feel better, but the cold triggered my bladder. I ended up having to wake up eventually. Say goodbye to uninterrupted sleep.

Today, after lunch, I had a terrible stomach pain and my heart kept beating so fast that it began to ache and caused me to feel overly nauseated. My colleague told me that I might be experiencing indigestion and heartburn, which are common symptoms in late pregnancy. She made me chamomile tea without sugar. It did calm the stomach down and the warmt somehow made the heartburn go away. I did some reading and found chamomile aids indigestion.

I have been drinking peppermint tea everyday to relieve gas. I guess I have to add chamomile tea to the menu and have it on alternate days too.



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