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Hold on a little longer

Last Monday, I had some bleeding before bedtime. It did not occur to me as something very serious hence I just slept it off. Next morning, I woke up and went to work.

When I reached the office, I went to the ladies and saw the bleeding again, but lesser compared to the night before. Still, it didn’t strike me yet and so I prepared for my meeting. At around 9.20am, I felt very uncomfortable and went to the ladies to check, that’s when I began to shiver.

I was trying not to cry when I described what I saw to my colleague. She told me I was not supposed to have bleeding, and certainly not that much. My boss was informed and she advised to call my Gynae that instant.

My Gynae, however was on vacation and I was referred to a cover doctor, Dr Jeanette Chen located at Thomson Medical Centre. As Faiz was not able to reach me immediately, my colleague rushed me to Thomson instead.

There was still some bleeding when I was at Dr Jeanette’s clinic and the scan showed baby was in position head down. Another scan was conducted and showed my cervix was opening up, which was why I started to bleed. I was admitted to Thomson that day.

Faiz reached and settled the admission. I was instructed to minimise movement and need to be wheeled around.

The nurses at Thomson were very warm and friendly. They always checked on me to make sure I was comfortable.

Faiz stayed till about 9.30pm before he headed back. As I was alone in the room, I could hardly fall asleep.

I was woken up by the nurses to take the fetal heartbeat and blood pressure. I was scheduled for another scan that morning. Faiz arrived and I was wheeled for the procedure.

Baby was still head down but cervix had stopped opening and bleeding had stopped.

I was discharged that day but with very long hospitalization leave. Bed rest was emphasized.

As we were heading back, I was joking with Faiz, perhaps because we kept saying that we couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive that is why she decided to make her arrival sooner.

But hold on little one, hold on just a little longer. We will meet you when time is right. Loving you more and more each and every day.


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