dyana · pregnancy

So small yet so strong

I have been waking up every 15mins every night to rush to the bathroom. Sometimes I wonder where all these water is coming from. I purposely reduce my water intake at night just so to avoid waking up frequently.

Perhaps it is due to the little bub getting bigger. Her kicks are getting way stronger and her personality is starting to show despite being in the womb.

She loves being talked to, listening to quranic verses and when we shine the torchlight on my tummy. She will give a series of nudge which will make my whole tummy wobbly and out of shape when we stop. Lately, especially during Ramadhan, she is overly active at night and more quiet during the day.

Just recently, one of my cousin gave birth to an adorable baby girl. While I was carrying the baby, the little bub inside began to get overly excited. She kept kicking non-stop. The baby I was carrying just smiled. I guess both of them were teasing each other or the little bub wanted to make her presence known. After I hand over the baby, the little bub stopped her kicking. How apt.

It is a very warm feeling having somebody around with you 24hours. It’s like you are never alone. Time is getting closer and very soon she will be out.

I pray that I will be the best mum in her eyes. Insyaallah.


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