dyana · pregnancy

Class ended

Last Tuesday was the very last antenatal session we had with Thomson Parentcraft. We had attended a total of 6 sessions.

3rd session: Different types of birth techniques

The video shown was such an eye opener. It showed the pain the mother’s had to go through while in labour. Everyday I pray that Allah will give me strength to overcome the labour pain.

4th session: Breastfeeding talk by Mrs Wong

This was held at Singapore Chinese Girl’s School. It was a mass talk. Although informative, I felt that the session was too scientific instead of sharing on techniques and watchouts.

5th session: Baby care

This is session was the most hand’s on. A dummy baby was given to each couple. We were taught on how to hold the baby properly, massage, bathe, swaddle and burp.

6th session: Dr’s talk

The speaker is a psychologist and discussed on the emotions that couples might go through when the child is born and how to manage the emotions before it turns into depression.

I really hope that the sessions will come in handy when the time comes.

As for now, I have to read all the books that Thomson have given me to prepare for Childbirth and start making a list on what I need for the hospital bag.


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