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Pass the drinks, not camera

We did not take much pictures this year. In fact, after 2 days of tugging the camera around, there were only 20 photos in the Olympus pen (most taken by my sibling or cousin), out of which only 11 photos make the cut.

With most of the houses packed to the brim, my movement was restricted. Forget about taking pictures, even playing with the little children I did not do.

I was constantly perspiring and thristy. I had cramps and severe soreness throughout my body just after the 2nd house visit. It was so uncomfortable that my mind just shut down. I could no longer smile and all I wanted to do was lie down with a fan blowing in full blast and a jug of ice cold ribena.

Ever since my grandfather passed away, the only time for me to look forward to during hari raya was the gathering at my mum’s eldest brother’s house. This is where all the 3 generations meet. My mood was slightly lifted when we reached around evening.

We called it a day at 10.30pm. I was so exhausted that we almost canceled all our plans for the 2nd day. Well, we did not. It was our first raya after all.

Selamat Hari Raya to all.

I am still considering on whether to continue visiting over the next weekend, or not at all.


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