dyana · nadra · parenthood

Yellow attack

I was discharged from TMC after 2 days of hospital stay as I had no complication after my surgery. Nadra had slight jaundice at that time but as it was considered a safe level, she was allowed to go home too.

We sunned her in the morning and gave her more liquids. However, she got clingy and her eyes started to turn yellow.

On 17th, she was very weak, hardly could open her eyes. My dad and I brought her to polyclinic. Her jaundice level was high that it require immediate hospitalisation.

Polyclinic referred her to KK to be admitted. My heart ached to be separated from her when she was only 5 days old.

Despite being in confinement, I visited her. I felt my responsibility as a mother, to be there for my daughter supersede the confinement rule. Of course I had an earful from my grandmother (Tak dosa pun kalau langgar pantang).

Alhamdullillah, she was discharged after 2 days, right in time before my parents fly off for Haj.

She still has jaundice but the level is now low.

Faiz and me are always amazed with her antics and development.

Now that she is here, we cannot imagine days without her.



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