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A month after

I have a baby who thinks she is a grown girl.

1) Hates being swaddled
All her muslin cloths are overly stretched due to her full force wriggle.

2) Side glances and roll her eyes
Especially when we are talking about her or acting silly to her.

3) Loves bath time
She might be fussy or wailing beforehand but just put in her tub and she is all smiles again. In fact, she just loves being clean. Dirty diapers are her worst enemy.

4) Insist on her way
She will cry until her whole body trembles just to be carried. (Parenting rule #1: do not carry the baby often or on demand. Fail)

She will wail when she do not want to sleep in her cot. The moment we placed on our bed, she will smile smirk and immediately fall asleep.
(Parenting rule #2: do not co-sleep or place baby on parents’s bed. Fail)

She will shut her mouth tightly if she did not want any more milk even though she had only 20mls (and was crying of hunger beforehand).

5) Sit/stand up straight
Despite her spine and bones are not totally developed at 1 month, she hates being carried lying on the arms. She will struggle/wriggle and if all things fail, she will cry until we stood/ sit her up.

6) Curious as a cat
She will turn her head quickly just to catch on a sound/ light/voice.

7) Clearing her throat
Complete with sound and expression.

8) Complete body stretch after waking up from sleep.

9) Chew even though there is nothing in her mouth.

10) Sigh when she is tired.

You have just turned 1 month old lil girl, a baby still.



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