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Switching to cloth

I have started cloth diapering Nadra and I am glad I have made the switch.

Nadra has a habit of pooping shortly after her diaper change. She hates wet diapers and will cry to be changed immediately. Her cleanliness streak is unbelievable. When she was on disposables, she used up 44 diapers per week! No kidding for this lil baby. So when she have bulked up enough to fit into cloth diapers, I am ecstatic.

Currently, I have built up about 16 one-sized cloth diapers, mostly from Charlie Banana, Moo Moo Kow and Babykicks. These are sufficient for 2 days but expect to be laundered everyday.


Cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposables except, instead of discarding, you wash them.

So far no major issues. The problem I have with leaks and poop blowouts on disposables, I did not encounter with cloth diapers. The diaper rash recovered after the switch too. Lovely.

I was inclined to use cloth diapers ever since I got pregnant. Why?

One of the reason is comfort. Come on, don’t tell me you are wearing paper or plastic undies? Have you felt the new cloth diapers? So squishy soft and oh-so-cuddly! No crunchy corners to dig into baby’s thigh even!

Besides being economical, cloth diapers are environmentally friendly.

Did you know that you are supposed to dump the solid waste into the toilet and flush it away and not just throw the soiled diapers away? This is to prevent human faecal matter leaching into groundwater and possibly spread diseases. Since you have to wash the cloth diaper, the solid waste is released to where it belongs – into the sewage system where it is treated with other household waste water.

Last but not least, I just cannot resist the fabrics and designs. Such fun colours. They even look lovely when line-dry.



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