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Colours and characters

How did 3 months fly right past me?

We are still learning and understanding Nadra. This little girl is growing very fast and beginning to show her colours and character. One second she is cranky and the next moment she is bubbly. She is one feisty and strong-willed girl who always push herself.

Lately, she is trying her very best to crawl and when she can’t move, she gets overly frustrated yet wanting to try again.

Bath time is still her favourite time but diaper-change is now a challenge. She.cannot.keep.still. She either will arch her back, move her body, wriggle her legs or just keep fidgeting when we are trying to change her.

Now that her hands are stronger, she began to reach out for things. She can now pull our hair (at times even her hair!), grabs her toys or anything within her reach.

She associates Faiz as her playmate and will always wants to play when Faiz is around.

It warms my heart to see how much she loves her dad; and I know that he too.


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