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Things made easy

There are one too many baby products in the market, leaving new parents spoilt for choice. Regardless of what you buy, importance lies with what fits into your lifestyle without compromising on safety and comfort.

We are definitely pleased with the stuff we have gotten for Nadra.

1) Brevi changing station

A changing station was one of the things we didn’t think needed. This unit was a hand-me-down and it helped me in so many ways. It had a built in bath tub, changing table and ample storage space, yes, all in one station. I do not need to squat when bathing Nadra nor need to bend when changing her. The cushion for the changing table is so thick and soft. Nadra is at her best mood when placed here. We even named it her “happy corner“. This station might be the reason why Nadra loves bath time. It is sad that she will outgrow this very soon.


2) Baby Jogger City Mini

This stroller has been with us everywhere since Nadra’s birth. It’s lightweight, has excellent manoeuvrability and spaciousness. What we love about this stroller is its ability to fold compact with just one pull. So fuss-free.

3) Inglesina Marco Polo

Such regal seat, so plush and padded. It must be comfortable for Nadra that she slept throughout the whole journey to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur.

4) Tommee Tippee Steam Steriliser

It has such a huge compartment that I even sterilised my breast pumps in it. No more daily boiling. Sterilising is now done at a touch of button and contents remain sterilised for 3 hours unless opened.

5) Tommee Tippee Milk Warmer

We use this to heat up expressed breastmilk. It heats up the milk to perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.

6) Peanut Shell Sling

My aunt bought me this sling from Australia. I used this when Nadra was an infant and I could cradle carry her hands-free. It allowed me to carry on with my daily chores with her comfortably sleeping in the sling.

7) Boba wrap


I love this wrap. I have always been a fan of baby wearing. It keeps babies close & snug; Nadra always falls asleep in it. This is my go-to carrier when I need to go out without Faiz. It is soft, lightweight and not bulky, just like second clothing.

8) Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier


Nadra has only started using this carrier when she hit her 6kg mark. It is mainly used by Faiz. He loves that the carrier has good ergonomics and doesn’t put the weight on his shoulders. This carrier allows her to see the world while in it.

Without a doubt, these baby gear have made parenthood so much easier for us.


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