M is for Milk, good for my baby

When I was pregnant with Nadra, I was firmed on wanting to breastfeed. We even went to the extent of not preparing any bottles or formula for Nadra.

Nadra was a sleepy baby after she was born. She would rather sleep than feed. For the first few days, she would nursed for a few minutes and fell back to sleep. My milk glands were not stimulated enough. As such, I was only producing 20mls when pumped.

On day 3, Nadra was wailing at night. She was not able to fall asleep. We called our antenatal trainer and she advised us to feed Nadra some formula via cup to supplement until my milk came. I still remember Faiz rushing to the 24-hour supermarket, in his pajamas, at midnight, to buy infant formula.

On day 5, Nadra was admitted to KKH for jaundice. I was not able to be there with her 24 hours. I was only able to pump very little. I specifically informed KKH to feed the expressed breastmilk or formula through cup, so when I saw them feeding Nadra through bottle, I flipped.

Newborn tends to get nipple confusion and this will affect the milk supply (which I was already facing). When Nadra was discharged, she refused breast. She of course preferred bottle then. Till today, I really regret admitting Nadra to KKH.

For 1 month, I had to pump, feed Nadra EBM through bottle, wash the pumps and bottles, sterilise them and before I know it, I had to pump again. The cycle kept repeating and it became exhausting.

After my confinement was over, I headed to Thomson Parentcraft. They informed me that I came too late and Nadra already had nipple confusion. I need to get her back on the breast using a supplement nursing system. I bought that. I used it less than 5 times and found it too much of a hassle and went back to my pump-feed routine.

I lasted for 3 weeks before I started to get exhausted again. I began looking around for a private lactation nurse. That was when I met with Jophia. I dropped her an email and the following day, she was already at my house for consultation.

She patiently listened to all the issues that I was facing and checked on how I was handling Nadra when I was trying to feed her, before diagnosing the problem. After the assesment, she came out with a systematic plan to get me back on breastfeeding. Jophia was just a phone-call away and always checked on my progress for the first few days. That was emotionally encouraging.

It took me 3 days to fully stabilized into full breastfeeding and I even managed to ditch the bottle and formula during our short trip to Malacca.

When my maternity was about to end, I consulted in Jophia again on how to continue breastfeeding when I start working.

Till today, Nadra is still on breastmilk.

I know breastfeeding is a natural thing to do, but it really is not easy for some moms. I had my fair share of low milk supply, sore nipples, cracked nipples and engorgement. I used to also doubt that I could even produce milk for Nadra. I too felt like giving up. With good support and encouragement from family members ( I really must thank Faiz who never fails to give me moral support!) and experienced lactation consultant guidance, it will get easier.

If you need expert help or just an advise, you may contact Jophia at her mobile 91596557. Do seek help as soon as possible at the first sign of doubt. Do not give up.


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