dyana · nadra · parenthood

Under the weather

We were being hit by the flu bug. It started with Faiz, Nadra and then me.

On Monday morning, we were awaken by a tiny warm hand on our face. (Funny how this lil kid always have her own way to inform us on something). It was warmer than usual and that jolted us up. Her temperature was already high.

When we arrived at her pediatric, she was administered panadol. The drowsiness was too much for her to handle. She fussed before finally falling asleep.

Her appetite was affected, didn’t want to eat nor drink her milk.

I took leave on Tuesday so I could monitor her fever. Lil kid was overjoyed to see me at home to a point she became overly clingy. Her appetite slightly improved.

Despite being sick, Nadra still didn’t fail to crack me up.

I left her in her cot to wash her diaper and I came back to this.

Mobile being pulled down, one leg hanging out of the cot and that it’s-not-me look.

She sure do not look sick here.


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