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Food for little tummies

Last month, Nadra did not put on any weight. Her paediatrician then advised us to start on solids earlier. We started her as soon as she turned 22 weeks.

Her first food was Organix Wholegrain Baby Rice.

I mixed 1 teaspoon of baby rice with 30mls of ebm. The mixture was smooth and rather thin. We were impressed that she did not threw a fuss and accepted her first meal rather well. We carried on feeding her with baby rice for 4 days, once a day to check for any allergy.

The week after, Nadra had a follow up appointment and paediatrician recommended to increase her food intake to twice or thrice per day.

We decided to incorporate other natural food instead of just baby rice and made full use of Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender (this product made food preparation so fast and easy!).

Up till today, Nadra had tried puree of
– Avocado
– Potato
– Potato and Spinach (we call this Popeye’s mash)
– Sweet Potato and Carrot
– Potato and Pumpkin
– Potato, Carrot and Pumpkin

She loves them all, especially Avocado! Usually I will feed her 2 tablespoons of the desired puree per meal. However if it was Avocado, she will leaned for more.

We bought a few commercial jarred baby food from Organix too for the days we have to be out the whole day but those did not seem to agree with her taste palate. She would squirmed and clamped her mouth tight. If we were still insisting, she will flung the spoon away! Now that she have tried fresh food, even plain baby rice will no longer do. I will have to mix a small portion of baby rice with her food puree now.

I am adamant on preparing homemade food for Nadra. I am uncompromising when it comes to my child’s health and nutrition. Leaving that to someone else is out of the question.

Therefore, I will do my groceries on Saturday after our errands or outings and Sundays will be all the house chores and preparing of Nadra’s week worth of food. It did not take long. Last week, I prepared 3 different types of puree, all in less than an hour. It was not hard and so much healthier.

Now with my new purchase, Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner, Nadra will be in for a gastronomical journey.

There are many interesting recipes- Chicken and apples?! This book has many different ways of adding vegetables to meals. Perfect to create healthy eating habits!

Who knows, Faiz might just start eating his veggies too (since it will be well-hidden)!

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