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Bottle acceptance, finally.

Recently, Nadra had a hard time transitioning from breast to bottle. Ever since I have started work, we had her using Tommee Tippee while I’m at work. Even though she had accepted it before, we knew she was not fond of bottle as she would only consumed half of what she should be taking.

Last week, she had episodes of protest, refusing her milk through bottle. For 2 days, she went without milk during the day and only drank when she was latched on.

We tried to change the Tommee Tippee teat to Vari flow, that didn’t work.

We tried changing her bottles to Pigeon and Mimijumi. That didn’t work either. She would bite on the teat, spit the teat out and continue fussing until the bottle was out of sight.

She had to fed by syringe as the last resort till the weekend. Imagine syringe feeding a squirming-fussing-screaming baby? NOT easy! My mother-in-law had so much difficulty doing that.

I spent my lunch hour researching on what other breastfeeding mums are using and streamed down to 3 : Playtex Nurser Drop-Ins, Nuk and Mam, and decided to go ahead with Mam.

On Sunday, Faiz tried to feed her using Mam bottle with ebm. After a little protesting at first, she took the bottle without a blink and drank all of the milk! On Monday, for the first time, she finished her full feed! As she had a satisfied feed, she napped longer too (she used to catnap).

I am not sure why Nadra accepted this bottle, perhaps due to the silk teat, making it feels very soft, or the colourful design? Beats me. But knowing that she is feeding well when I am at work, that is a huge relief. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Such an excellent bottle for breastfeeding babies!

Next up, to train her to be solid-fed by others. She is at the stage of not wanting to be solid-fed unless by her mummy.



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