nadra · parenthood

Fresh is best

I am officially addicted in preparing Nadra’s food purees.

Last Thursday, I had my grocery list already prepared just for Nadra’s food.

Eversince the Mumi&Bubi trays arrived, I have been itching to use it. I could prepare 2 weeks of food at one go and cause of the super slim design, it did not take up much freezer space either. The tight lid is a plus as it prevents freezer odour from contaminating the food and allowing the trays to be stacked. They even slide out so easily after freezing! Love it. Thank you Debby for this!

Lil kid’s menu for this two weeks:
1) Vegetable Dinner – carrot, parsnip and sweet potato
2) Lentil and Vegetable Feast – lentils, carrot, potato and swede
3) Plum and Pear Puree
4) Baked Sweet Potato Puree
5) Sweet potato and Spinach Puree

I am slowly introducing different flavours to Nadra. Some of these are so yummy that I can’t help to take extra spoonful myself.

Hopefully she will grow up not to be a fussy eater like her parents.


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