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Ten years and counting


We turned 10 yesterday.

There were no elaborate celebration, no exquisite gifts, just a simple conversation over desserts at Obolo the day before; with the little kid, who was busy eye-catching fishes in the huge aquarium at the store.

10 years old – if the relationship was a kid, it would already be in primary school.

We basically grew up together, from teenage years to adulthood. We had our fair shares of rebellions, fights that sent each other through the roofs and beyond. Whoever says relationship is like a bed of roses must be kidding, more like a bed of thorns with some roses. For we were two very strong-headed individuals, with little or no similarities. As years passed, we put aside some of our ego and work on our differences as an advantage.

I am a go-getter, when my mind is fixed on something, it needs to get done, fast. I do not accept delays (and failure). Whereas, Faiz is the easygoing one. He, on the other hand would take his time to evaluate and only action when he is very sure of what he’s doing. This used to frustrate me cause his “research” were too time-consuming and I on the other hand, was always rushing against time. I still do, but at reasonable cause.

With the arrival of Nadra, it brought our relationship to a whole new level. We learn to work together instead of against each other. There are definitely more compromise and more opening up than before. The little kid sure knows how to force her parents to grow up.

Happy 10 years Faiz! I do not usually show much affection, but you know very well that I love you (see, I got goose bumps already!). Let’s grow even older together!

We decided to try something new, something we never did before, something the 3 of us love.

It’s coming pretty soon.
cloth sample


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