nadra · parenthood

Stocking up

I am thankful that Nadra did not develop food any allergies so far. I know pd are recommending the 4 days rule, but I did not strictly follow that. Though I will try to use the same ingredient in different dishes.

I noticed that Nadra do not like to repeat the same dish throughout the day. If she had sweet potato for lunch, she would not want that for dinner again. It’s good in a way, so she can experience a spectrum of new flavours in a shorter period of time.

In the freezer stash now (which most probably last for 3 weeks), I have these food puree prepared for her
– sweet potato, spinach, peas and cheese
– apple, cranberries and tofu
– potato and lentils
– pear and cranberries
– blueberries
– carrot and peas

Some of the food now requires cooking, no longer just simple steaming. The flavours are more pronounced, hopefully, more delicious for her.


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