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Bitten by a bug

After Nadra fell very ill last week, I now understand why some parents are so protective of their children; avoiding other sick children, sanitising each and every toy they will be touching.

Seeing how helpless they are, is just heartbreaking. When Nadra fell sick last Friday, she was sobbing almost every hour. I could see through her frustration.

By Monday, she did not get any better, in fact it had gotten worst. No food were consumed, no medicine could be fed and fever was playing hide and seek. Whatever went in, came out. Our worries piled up, along with the laundry.

That night, we brought Nadra to A&E and she was admitted. She was put on drip and the procedure took close to 2 hours. All the while I was waiting outside hearing her loud shriek. By the time it was completed, she was pale and tired. My heart sank.


She was sleeping mostly, refusing to eat and nurse. The nurses would wake her up to feed her medicine and do a suction for her phlegm. During mid-day, she was in hysteria, kept on shaking her feet (with drip on) and nothing could calm her down. My mum checked her feet and noticed that it was very swollen and hard. Nurses were called in to get it removed. My mum was going on and on of their hindsight. We got transferred to another ward that night.

As the drip was removed, Nadra got into dehydration again with all the vomitting and no eating. On day 3, she had to go through another procedure, this time on the hand.

By this time, she have recognised all the doctors and nurses and associate those who did procedure on her or fed her medicine as pain. The moment she saw them, she would start crying and wanting to squirm away.



The drip was removed on Day 4 to monitor her consumption. It was the first time after hospitalised that she could be out of bed and play. I could see her eyes brightened upon seeing the push-cars.


Nadra was finally discharged on Day 5 after no occurance of fever for 24 hours and she was beginning to eat again.

It was a very exhausting period for us, physically and emotionally. Nevertheless, we have made it through, of course with some help.

My mum, who visited Nadra every single day and brought me lunch and bakes. I do not know what time she woke up to bake but I really appreciate those. She took over and looked after Nadra in the afternoon so I could catch up with some sleep (I was falling sick on Day 3).

In-laws, relatives and friends who came to visit so Nadra (and me included) did not feel lonely.

Nurses and doctors in Ward 51 for being patient with a screaming and squirmy baby and never fail to provide immediate assistance when Nadra threw up or threw a tantrum.

Housekeeper in Ward 51 who did not complain even when she have to change Nadra’s bedsheet and mop the floor, 5x a day.

Thank you Ward 51 for lifting my prejudice against KKH.

I am back at work and Nadra is still recovering. Wishing you a speedy recovering lil kid, your laughter and cheekiness are missed.


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