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You’ve got mail

People might think that I am a shopaholic, specifically online-shopaholic. I have a parcel delivered to me almost every week. The receptionist even asked me today, “What do you always buy? Is it very cheap?


You see, I have now turned into what Faiz called a typical “housewife” (well I’m not technically a housewife since I am working), the one who constantly searching for good deals.

Recently, I found iherbs through a friend (thanks Juni! who is also an organic-convert-mum), during our conversation during a wedding reception. She bought most of her daughter’s snack supplies from there and was voicing how cheap it was.

That night, I went to check the site out. The products they carry are extensive! Supplements, bath soap, shampoos, essential oils, pet-care, organic and non-organic…you name it.

I did a comparison of what we normally purchase.

Plum Organics, Super Puffs, Fruit & Veggies Grain Puffs


iherb’s price: USD 3.20 ( SGD 4.16 based on 1.3 exchange rate that my bank charged me for)
Usual price: SGD 7.90

Happy Puffs, Organic Superfoods

iherb’s price: USD 3.78 ( SGD 4.91)
Usual price: SGD 6.90

Earth’s Best, Organic Letter of the Day Cookies, Very Vanilla


iherb’s price: USD 3.38 ( SGD 4.39)
Usual price: SGD 7.80

Nordic Naturals, DHA

iherb’s price: USD 27.16 ( SGD 35.31)
Usual price: SGD 57.90

I choose the shipping option via Singpost, which I was charged USD 6 (SGD 7.80), adding about SGD1.95 per item. Still, I saved SGD23.93! That is equivalent to 6 cupcakes ok!

Since good things are meant to be shared…

Do you want to get an instant USD 5 to 10 off on your 1st purchase at iherb? Well, you are in luck. Use coupon code RHS366 during your checkout and that discount is yours. So easy.

Why didn’t I check for coupon codes first before purchasing?

I can see Faiz shaking his head now. Oh well.


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