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Across the causeway

When Nadra was admitted to the hospital, we promised her that we will go for a short holiday when she has fully recovered.

This girl has a thing for holidays and hotels. The moment we mention we will be going for holiday, she gets all excited and tries to be at her best behavior. Place her at any hotel bed; she will give a huge wide grin and do a happy stretch (like doing a jumping jack, but while lying down on the sheets).

As Faiz just moved into a new role at his workplace, he was unable to take leave. Long holidays were not an option. We did consider for staycation, but as only decided at the very last min, most were already unavailable and those still available were not within our comfortable price range.

So, across the causeway we went.

Who cares if it’s near? There were plenty of good food; good bargains and we even managed to squeeze for some Thai massage.

The one who truly knows the definition of holiday is Nadra. To her, holidays are her relaxation, not like she has to do hard work on normal days either. Just that during holidays, she would nap longer, and wake up late in the morning.

Needless to say, the one suffering from post-holiday blues is Nadra too. Heading back to Singapore, she kept looking out of the window, refusing to talk or smile, “so overwhelmed with sadness”.

Why such an “un-baby” behavior? Beats me.

Till the next vacation…

Cheer up lil kid!

It is always nice to have some fresh air.


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