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Just the 3 of us

We never had a family photo ever since Nadra was born as one of us were usually behind the camera. There was no family photo decent enough to be framed. My office desk was still empty, no photo of Nadra nor Faiz.

When Nadra turned 7 months, we engaged Rima for an informal outdoor photo session.


She was not cranky but not in her best behaviour either. There were no crying or wailing, just refusing to smile. All she did was to stare at the camera. Potraying expression through her eyes? Perhaps.

We brought along her favourite toy to take a photo with, but instead that was thrown aside. She only wanted Faiz’s camera. So, when other babies had photo taken with cute cuddly toys, this lil kid had hers with a Leica. Talking about insisting on what she wants…

Nevertheless, the pictures turned out beautiful.

Now, I have a complete family photograph sitting prettily at my office desk and lil kid as my desktop wallpaper.


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