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One lucky girl


Nadra just turned 1 recently (how time flies). I still remembered the morning we drove to Thomson for the scheduled caesarian with mixed feelings. Although I couldn’t wait to see her, deep down I felt scared. I was scared of caring for a small human being who depend her life on me, for I am not a perfect person myself.

When she first arrived, her cries numbed me. I was never an expressive person. I showed no reaction when I am happy or sad, perhaps a little when I am angry. So to feel numb was something different, I do not know how to react. I was in disbelief. It may be the medication, but I was slowly drifting away, only catching a short glimpse of her and Faiz before she was wheeled away while I was being stitched up.

It was only an hour later when I really got to see her. She was beautiful, fair with rosy cheeks.

Nadra has been relatively an easy baby to look after, who would only cry when certain needs are not met, tries hard on everything she set her mind on and knows how to joke around (or disturb people in other words).

It might be a parent’s bias, but we are always impressed by her achievements. With the little exposure we have arranged for her, she has excelled in most. She might still refuse to walk unassisted, but overall she has grown up to be a mighty young toddler.

Yes mighty.

She now knows what she wants, what she doesn’t want and mastered how to wriggle herself out of being cuddled.

Books are well loved by Nadra. So loved, that some even have dog-ears. Don’t ask me how a board book can get those.


Mealtimes can be a headache because this mighty lady is not able to decide on what she wants. One moment she would want finger foods and another moment, she wants only pureed food. Most of the time she want to self-feed, or should I say floor-feed? Food will be all over the floor or all over her hair and face, besides in her tiny mouth. I, being somebody whom cannot tolerate mess, this is a very painful ordeal. I would try to pick out the pieces but ended up being reprimanded by an irritated toddler, wagging her spoon/ hand at me. This little miss knows her space and mealtime should not be disturbed. It was a great test of patience, but cultivating self-feeding skills are more important. Table manners will come in pretty soon lil kid.

We are still continuing her swimming and gym classes as we noticed how Nadra enjoys these. She loves adventure and these classes stretched her to her maximum capabilities. Only qualms, she thinks home is a gym and bathtub is a swimming pool.


So turning 1 is definitely a huge milestone for Nadra. Though we did not throw her a huge 1st birthday party, she had her birthday well spent.

A dinner with my colleagues, a small birthday gathering with her swimming buddies by the pool, another dinner with families…


She was gifted with many beautiful gifts and wishes by so many people. We are touched.

Thank you for being a part of Nadra’s special day. It just made it more meaningful.

To Nadra, you are one truly lucky girl. We all love you.


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