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Breaking the routine

We received many heads-up that out flat will be ready by end 2014. Hence, I have allocated my 2011 annual leaves to be cleared upon getting the keys of the house.


Our happiness was short-lived when HDB decided to change its plan. Despite 2 blocks which have already received their keys, we have not heard from HDB on ours.

Still, 12 days of leaves need to be cleared by 2013.

We got to feel what it felt like, waking a few minutes later than on normal working days. Yes, only a few minutes because the little kid decided to start her day very early throughout our holiday. She would push us with all her might and if we still insisted on sleeping, she would poke her tiny finger, on our eyeball, and laugh!

We got to enjoy the smooth traffic during off-peak period.

We got to shop and dine at malls not overly filled with people.

We watched movie, along with Nadra at the Beanieplex, across the Causeway.

We went to shop for furniture and appliances, and bust our bank account.

We visited the zoo.

We even cooked up a storm. Who on earth (besides restaurant cooks, of course!) cooked 2 types of crab dishes for lunch and dinner? You have to understand, it is not every day I get this kitchen freedom. So, a little crazy, well, is excusable.

Holiday 1

Nadra, enjoyed the most as she got to try new activities and learnt a few things along the way.
– Sprinkling cheese on pizza
– Passing clothes pegs while I hang the laundry
– Brushing her own teeth
– Turning the pages of the books we are reading
– Drinking from a cup without spillage
– Pat a cat
– Doodling
– Walking a few steps
– Climbing up and down the bed, unassisted, scaring the hell out of us

Holiday 2

It was really a time well spent as a family, especially now that Nadra has many antics up her sleeves. Every day, she has new things to show, a new thing to encounter.

Holiday 3

Will I be clearing blocks of leaves again?
Of course I will! The time spent seeing your child grow, is just, priceless.


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