nadra · parenthood

A new routine

It has been 2 weeks ever since Nadra started daycare.

For the first 3 days, we were allowed to accompany her throughout the day but we stayed till11am, latest. We were quite surprised that she did not cry and were able to adapt to her surrounding rather quickly. Her teacher constantly updated us by sending pictures of her doing her activities, with a smile on her face. We actually though we will be safe from the tears the week after, when Nadra officially started daycare.



Lo and behold, she clung onto me and cried refusing to let go. When other children walked into the center themselves, Nadra had to be carried by her teacher. It made me very sad at first, thinking if sending her to school was too much for her to handle, especially with her having to wake up and get ready very early in the morning. However, when I called to check, her teacher reassured me that she stopped crying as soon as she was in the center with other children and very well-behaved.


Nadra is slowly starting to understand the routine, being the first to wake up when the alarm rings.

She would still make a huge fuss and cry when I send her off, but stop soon after she’s inside the center. She would have an outburst when we fetch her even though prior to that, you can see her playing away. The moment she heard her name being called, she wails, stops immediately when either one of us carries her and waves happily to her teacher goodbye. I think the outburst is her way of making us feel guilty of leaving her!

Besides the tantrums she threw every morning and evening, we could see how being in school made her more confident and creative. She can articulate more words now, and clearer. She loves to draw and shades in different colours. She no longer kicked and tossed our hands away when try to feed her through bottle. The most major improvement, she goes to bed very early, latest at 8.30pm and wakes up once at night for feed! For those who have been sleep deprived for almost 18 months, having to wake up 3 to 4 times a night, this change is a huge pat on the back. The first few days when Nadra suddenly changed her sleeping habits, I actually woke up a few times, just to check whether she was okay and breathing.

We are not expecting her tantrums to subside anytime soon, but knowing she is enjoying herself in school and how she fast she has developed ever since, it made us feel slightly better in putting her in daycare.

To many more artworks, stories, stars, hearts and hopefully lesser cries.



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