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Mother’s special day

Mother’s day this year was special and different.

Having a little kid who loves new activities, involving her in mini projects is so much fun! Ok well, besides getting her hand dirty. We just realized that she disliked getting her hand dirtied. She squirmed when I dipped her hand in watercolor paint and asked to be washed immediately. I even tried leaving some spot of watercolor on her hand, and she frowned, stood up and took a wet tissue to wipe it away. We tried spot painting with her, where I scrunched up tissue papers and dip in different watercolor paints. She held the tissue by the very tip and pressed gently on the blank sheet of paper.

When this cleanliness-streak developed? Beats me.

However, if you pass her crayons, colored pencils and stickers, she will make a masterpiece out of those. Her highchair is full of crayon doodles. Faiz’s Ipad is like her new sticker book. Don’t be surprise to find a tiny sticker even in a unimaginable places.

In the printer? Checked. On a corner of bedsheet’s folds? Checked? On school snack container? In the freezer? Checked, checked!

So this year, I involved her in making mother’s day card for my mum. I did asked her to dip her hand in watercolor paint but because she was so frustrated with paint on her hand, only minimal portion of her handprint was transferred, and I had to fill those gaps in. She doodled and pasted cut-outs that I have prepared instead. My mum loved it! Who won’t?


In school, she prepared some artwork for me too. A flower filled with patterned using sponge painting and a flower with Cadbury chocolate pasted on it. When she passed it to me, my heart swelled with pride. Knowing how she dislikes paint activity, yet producing something pretty, was meaningful and I was touched.


This year, we did not head out for Mother’s Day dinner. We had a nice dinner at home instead so Nadra will not miss her bedtime. Furthermore, I get tired very easily now and by after Isyak, all I want to do is lie on bed. It’s only been 15 weeks and I have started experiencing body aches and exhaustion.

The day ended with Faiz giving me a shoulder massage, with Nadra fast asleep at the side. A simple celebration but memorable nevertheless.

At times, it felt almost impossible to juggle being a mom and work, but we made it through (always). I guess that is why Mother’s are special, the endless perseverance, patience and sacrifices they’ve made, something not many are willing to give.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you supermums!



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