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All for a cookie

Nadra loves to snack, be it biscuits, granola, puffs or crackers. Especially during the journey back home after fetching her from school. She would unzip her bag and ransacked for her snack container and snacked away.

Yesterday, her snack container was empty. She proceeded to unzip my bag and asked for “alala” (granola in her language), which I already had for breakfast that morning. Seeing there were no snacks for her to munch, she kept on insisting “Nak lagi!” ( I want some more!). We kept explaining to her that there were none but we will be back soon and she can have them the first thing we reached home.

The next thing she did, shocked us speechless.

Out of nowhere,

She shrieked.
Refused to be seated.
Refused to be held and flung her hand and feet all around.
She sat on the car mat and cried hysterically while screaming “NAK LAGI!”

There were no words or song that could calm her down. Helpless, we took the nearest exit at the MCE to stop by a convenience store. Her hysteria stopped the moment we entered the store. She lead us to the cookie stand, chose Hello Panda cookie and proceeded to the cashier to pay.

We winded down the window and drove back. Nadra looked out, smiled, enjoying the breeze with her eyes closed while munching on her Hello Panda cookie quietly. It was as though no tantrum ever occurred just a few minutes ago.

This was an eye-opener. Terrible two’s, you came early.


Who would have imagine this little girl could throw one monster tantrum in seconds, just for a cookie?


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