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I for Irfan

During my second pregnancy, i doubted myself if I could love another child as much as Nadra. How do I divide the love, the time and attention?

Irfan was born on 24 Oct 2014. He, till today has been a rather easy baby to look after. From the first day he was born, he had no problem latching. He was able to fall asleep by himself without much help and generally a happy little baby. 


6 months has past and boy, his personality sure flourished. 

Like his sister, he has a strong determination. He always tries his best to accomplished what he targets, even if it ends up in frustration. He is an observer. He loves to observe intensely, with his eyes open wide. 

Though he looks grumpy, he smiles easily, especially when being talked to. Loves being carried (which babies don’t) and breaks into giggles when being cuddled. Unlike Nadra, he hates cold and wails when in contact with cold water. We still have yet to succeed in making him love to swim.


He looks up to Nadra very much and laughs to her antics, though at times he would also cry when he had enough of Nadra’s continuous singing of Frozen’s song. 


At 6 months, he is able to sit upright, reverse crawl, eat fruit chucks and has grown 2 tiny front bottom teeths. Not bad for a little guy! 



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