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Getting down to potty business

Today, is week 2 of Nadra’s toilet training. There are still a few accidents but they are very rare now, unless she is too occupied in something and realised it too late. 

We have been pushing back toilet training her, not because she is not ready. Nadra was well-ready ever since she turned 30months. She knew what the potty for and knew what she needed to do, it was us. We were not ready. Our family was falling sick one after another and we were drained. We needed a break and thinking about the additional laundry and energy unsuccessful toilet training will add, we decided then was not a good time.

Until recently, when Nadra kept getting diaper rash. It was so red and she kept complaining of itch and pain. Even after applying a thick layer of Desitin, it did not subside. I was not getting co-operation from the school to change her diapers regularly and her diaper was usually soaking wet or even soiled when we fetched her, which worsen the rash further. That same weekend, we decided, toilet training should not be delayed any longer.

The first day, we were rather surprised. Nadra was able to tell us every single time she needed to use her potty. On second day, she had 2 accidents, and that was when she was too engrossed playing puzzle and I was in the kitchen. 

Me: Nadra, you have to call someone if you need to pee or poo okay? 

Nadra: Okay! (Happily playing with her puzzles with Irfan)

About 30mins later.

Nadra: Ummi, my pants are wet!

Me: Nadra! Why didn’t you call for me when you need to pee?

Nadra: I tell Adik Irfan already! 

Both Faiz and me just looked at each other, not knowing how to react. Well, she did tell someone, just that, the someone was too small to bring her to the potty.

The toilet training continued in school and Nadra has been getting the hang of it.

She finds it an achievement if she did not wet her pants that day. She would excitedly say “Today I use the potty you know? I never wet my pants. I am a good girl”. 

If we knew she could adapt and learn so fast, we would have started early. We still put her diaper on during bedtime though. On certain days, her diaper is damp but most of the days are dry and she would rush us to her potty the moment she wakes up. 

Good job Nadra! We are proud of you. Say goodbye to diaper rash for good!



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