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Baby-led-weaning fits a busy household

I still remember 2 years ago when Nadra turned 6 months, I was on the roll in preparing purees. Each week, she was exposed to different types of purees in various flavours and colours. I even bought weaning recipe books to give me ideas on puree flavor combination! Combination which I would never have thought of myself, which turned out very tasty by the way. However with Irfan, things are a little different. 

I never really understood when people told me about loosening things up or slacking with a second child. Well, not until Irfan became mobile. Irfan is an adventurer. He loves to explore and that is the reason why he.cannot.sit.still. He needs to move, A LOT. During his early months, it was just rolling. Now, he has moved to crawling and climbing, which scare the hell out of us. One moment he was beside us, and the next he was already under the dining table. Please do not judge us by the number of bruises on his body.

 Nadra, on the other hand, demands attention. She would tell us stories, questions of many things and insist that we play with her when she plays; and if any of her request is not met, a meltdown will follow. Her meltdown are not friendly. Have you seen a kid lying on the store screaming if she did not get what she wants? Yes, that kind and with a screeching cry which the neighbours should be used to by now.

I never would have thought handling one energizer baby, managing a three-nager (and her tantrums) and completing house chores would be energy draining but it did! The only time I could breathe (peacefully) is when the children are asleep. By then I am exhausted myself, and all I wanted to do was to crawl in bed and sleep. The thought of peeling/cutting/steaming/mashing to stock up a week supply of puree was just not on my mind.

I have read about Baby-Led-Weaning before and I thought it was perfect! All I need to do is to prepare 1 meal or two, and that’s it! Economical, save time and energy (less preparation and washing to do!).

Faiz was at first hesitant, he was afraid Irfan would choke. However, seeing how Irfan enjoys the independence of feeding himself (and he has some free time on his hand), he was more than willing.

When Irfan just started weaning, I gave him food in chucks or sticks. For example, sticks of steamed sweet pototo and carrots, chucks of steamed potato, chucks of avocado and banana. You will be surprised how well babies can break these food with their gum. Now, just a few days away from turning 9 months and with 6 front teeth, he eats whatever Nadra eats and if we are not having spicy, he eats what we eat too.    

He loves pasta with potato soup, whole banana, crusty bread, mildly season chicken chucks and even homemade oatmeal biscuits. All the food we never thought of feeding Nadra before she turns 1! He even shared a pizza with Nadra.

One thing I love about baby-led-weaning is that it allows the child to stop when he is full. Irfan will start playing with his food when he is done. The thing not so fun though, the mess. I could live with that cause I am not the one who does cleanup after meals, Faiz does. 🙂


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