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Tantrum knows no night and day

Yesterday, we were woken up in the middle of the night by Nadra’s scream and violent kicking. We couldnt make out what she was trying to say until she began pulling off her diaper.

Nadra is toilet trained by the day. She has no problem telling us when she needs to use the bathroom. However at night, she does get into occasional accidents especially, if she is very tired. We all know how tiring raya visiting is. After she peed on our bed the day before, we thought she still needs diaper on when she goes to bed. 

Well, certainly someone wasn’t happy about it. 

“I don’t want diapers!” She screamed again while throwing off her unfastened diaper over the bed. 

After putting on her underpants and pajamas, she fell right back to sleep as if no drama just happened. As we tried to get ourselves back to sleep, Faiz laughed, saying how unexpected that tantrum was and it was funny. 

Well, children’s tantrum certainly can happen anytime, anywhere, be it night, midnight or day. We just need to be prepare ourselves when it strikes. 😩

 Nadra who had enough of house visitings and kept asking to go back home.


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