nadra · parenthood

Conversation with Nadra

Ever since Nadra can talk, she always amuses us with her matter-of-fact reasoning.

Situation 1: Faiz was playing with her by throwing her up in the air while at the beach.

N: Don’t throw me up too high. Later I disappear. 

F: (trying to contain his laugh) You can’t disappear!

N: Yes! If you throw me too high in the sky.
Situation 2: Lately Nadra eats very little and complains of stomach pain.

N: My tummy is painful.

Me: It might be because you didn’t want to eat. You must eat something ok?

N: Ok. I want to eat waffle ice cream.

Me: No, not ice-cream. You have to eat proper food.

N: Waffle ice-cream is food, not toy.



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