celebration · family · nadra

The birthday cake

Yesterday during bedtime, Nadra was talking about birthdays and we told her that her birthday is coming soon. Oh she was excited alright. She even told us what cake she wants. 

Me: Nadra, do you want to celebrate your birthday together with Irfan in school? (Their birthday is 12 days apart)

N: No, Nadra is Nadra. Irfan is Irfan. Cannot share.

N: I want a Barney birthday cake for my birthday okay?

Me: Again? Last year you already had that you know.

Faiz: Not nice la picture cake. Plain white cake then put 3d figurine are nicer.

N: Abah doesn’t like my birthday cake! I don’t like you! (pointing to Faiz)

Faiz: No…no I like. 

Nadra already turned away and pretended to sleep. 

You see dads, never destroy a kid’s dream, especially not how they want their birthday cake to be. 


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