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This year, will be my last year celebrating my twenties.

If you know me well enough, I am a go-getter. I can’t and will not stop if my mind is set on something. I do not tolerate last minute plans and likes orderliness.
In other words, I do not like surprises.

Faiz and me have been together for a very long time, and he never could execute a surprise. He usually ends up spilling the beans when triggered.

This year, amongst our hectic schedule, the kid’s birthday and Irfan’s viral fever, he managed to quietly planned the birthday itenarary without me instigating.


It was simple, no-rushed, something befitting our schedule.

I got to try a new cake flavor from my favourite cake shop, lunch at a new cafe and a dessert on a thick slice of bread.




Though we had to shorten the day as Irfan’s fever made a comeback, it was a day well spent.


What more could I ask for after seeing my kids, one singing me a birthday song at her top of her lung, and another happily clapping away. A sight that melts any mother’s heart.

Thank you Faiz for the birthday treats. It was well thought of. 🙂


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