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Dear Nadra, 3.5 years on

Dear Nadra,

How and where should I start? 3.5 years you are now, how time flies!

Every night, after you have fallen asleep, I would look at you thinking how much you have grown. From a tiny little human, barely a length of a pillow, now, almost the height of the bolster. It never fails to amaze me how mature you have become over the years.


I know it has been a roller-coaster ride for you, having to adapt to new house, new school, new addition of family and all, but look at you! You survived it all without with no complains. Well, a little bit of hesitance here and there but overall, you did very well.

You love school, especially your Teacher Eloise. Every weekday after we have fetched you from school, you would excitedly tell us the things you did in school, sing the songs you’ve learned or show the dance moves you’ve mastered. You understand better now that during the day we had to work and Irfan and you will be in school to learn new things and play with friends. On some days you feel sad having to leave and would sob while we drop you off, but don’t worry, that is normal. Even we adults sometimes have to drag ourselves to work. You told us you wanted to be a doctor when you grow up. We will support you regardless.


Nadra, at 3.5years, you are able to converse very well. You can speak very clearly and voice your displeasures. When you are unhappy, you would tell us, and if you want something we do not allow, you would try to negotiate. Now that you are a little older, you tend not to stick to routine as much as we would like you to. Just the other day, after reaching home, you told us to give you 10minutes before showering so you could “rest” and watch Octonauts. Usually, we would insist on you showering at that instance, resulting you to cry uncontrollably. However, that day, we gave in. We showered Irfan first, and after 10minutes was up, you switched off the TV, went to the bathroom without being asked and told us you were ready to shower. We were surprised! No kid at the right mind would stick to timings so obediently. Even your father’s 10minutes would stretched to an hour if he was playing with his PS4! Now that we know you meant what you say, we will, listen to you more.

We have started teaching you about money and the value of it, the concept of savings, of course not expecting you to understand it all, but you did. Whenever you received money from your grandparents, you would place them in your coin box. If it doesn’t fit, you would pass to us and told us to save for you. You saw us selling a few of our items away and asked why we did that. After explaining, you straight away went into your room and pointed us a few toys you wanted to sell cause you no longer play with them. “ I can sell these toys to other children so I can buy new toys,” you said. During your first sale, you were beaming. You were smiling so widely clutching your earnings and telling us about the new toy you wanted. We were so proud, not only you were willing to let go, you also understood that money has to be earned.

Your relationship with Irfan is getting better. Though there are fights, you two made up very quickly. There are lesser pulling of hair, pushing and biting each other. Snatching of toys still have not changed. I understand you value your toys very dearly, but we must learn to share, especially with your own siblings. And Nadra, we do not tolerate you putting your brother in the washing machine! You might laugh later when you read this, but trust me, you said that twice during your fights with Irfan. On the other hand, you were very protective of Irfan too. When Irfan cries, you would get very worried and asked why and wiped his tears away. You would hold his hand when walking and shampooed his hair during bath time. When we are busy with the house chores, and you saw Irfan crying for attention, you would call for him. “Come Irfan, Nadra is here”. Thank you for being a supportive big Sister to Irfan, we could never asked for more.



Nadra, more changes will be happening this year. I can’t promise it will be smooth, even I am worried myself. However I am sure, you will embrace this change with open heart. After all, you have always been our one tough cookie.




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