Are you serious?

Nadra loves Katy Perry. She would sing Roar and Fireworks on repeat. Even Irfan and Ilhan know the song by hard now. Yesterday, while she was getting to shower, I told her Katy Perry will be coming to Singapore next year. Her eyes went wide and gasped. N: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Katy Perry is coming?!… Continue reading Are you serious?

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When I am in Primary 1…

Nadra knows she will be moving to the mainstream school when she turns 7. I've been telling her that in Primary 1, she will meet new kids, some might not be as nice, or some who are different from her. Regardless, she must treat all of them fairly and treat them all as friends. Bullying… Continue reading When I am in Primary 1…


I’m a big boy

For the past few days, Irfan's diaper was dry when he woke up from sleep. He has been consistently able to go to the toilet by himself whenever he needs to pee or poop. We did wear him diaper still when he goes to daycare. Today, he took of his diaper, wriggled himself into his… Continue reading I’m a big boy

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Waste of money

Faiz was on leave today and took Nadra and Irfan out to Vivo. When they fetched me from work, I noticed the air was tensed. Nadra was so quiet and kept looking down. Me: Nadra, what happened? N: *started to sob* I wasted money. Me: On what? Faiz: Tell Ummi what you did! N: *bawling*… Continue reading Waste of money

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How about me?

Nadra and Irfan's relationship are very complicated. I am sure they love each other but, they are sensitive to each other presence too. Irfan seldom finishes his food cause he is always rushing to play. So, yesterday when he managed to stay at the dinner table and finished his food, we praised him. Nadra, who… Continue reading How about me?

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Dear Ilhan, 1.2 years on

Dear Ilhan, TALK ABOUT LATE! This post is long overdue and I have been drafting in my head ever since you turned one.  Ilhan, please don’t take it the wrong way, I have been far busy seeing you grow (at a speed of light) to even pay much attention to this space. Please don’t ever… Continue reading Dear Ilhan, 1.2 years on

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Dear Nadra, 3.5 years on

Dear Nadra, How and where should I start? 3.5 years you are now, how time flies! Every night, after you have fallen asleep, I would look at you thinking how much you have grown. From a tiny little human, barely a length of a pillow, now, almost the height of the bolster. It never fails… Continue reading Dear Nadra, 3.5 years on