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Dear Irfan, 15 months on

Dear Irfan, I have never written to you before. I had a letter for Nadra, and that too was long ago. So many things have happened and I do not even know where to begin with. You are now 15 months my little boy and your developments have never failed to amaze your father and… Continue reading Dear Irfan, 15 months on

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This year, will be my last year celebrating my twenties. If you know me well enough, I am a go-getter. I can't and will not stop if my mind is set on something. I do not tolerate last minute plans and likes orderliness. In other words, I do not like surprises. Faiz and me have… Continue reading Twenties

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Turning a year older

The kids have just turned a year older in October, Nadra turned 3 and Irfan turned 1. I still cannot believed they are toddlers now. How time flies! Especially with Irfan, I feel that his “baby-time” is too short. We seldom have an alone-with-Irfan time. Usually it will be with Faiz, me and almost always… Continue reading Turning a year older

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Calling out

Nadra's first word was "Abah", the same goes for Irfan.  I don't know if it is because of the easy pronounciation or they are just more fond of their father. "Ummi" seemed not to be in their early vocabulary. Nadra only addressed me as "Ummi" when she was about 15months old. Yesterday, as I was… Continue reading Calling out


Shiny everything

Nadra loves the word "shiny". She uses it in almost everything.  Is my dress shiny? (Eventhough it is not. How can a plain floral t-shirt be shiny, there isn't any glitters either). Is my nails shiny? (After just trimming her nails). Ummi, look! I brushed my teeth! They are so shiny! Just a few days… Continue reading Shiny everything

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The birthday cake

Yesterday during bedtime, Nadra was talking about birthdays and we told her that her birthday is coming soon. Oh she was excited alright. She even told us what cake she wants.  Me: Nadra, do you want to celebrate your birthday together with Irfan in school? (Their birthday is 12 days apart) N: No, Nadra is… Continue reading The birthday cake